March 29, 2011

Last weekend in March . .

This weekend we headed down south to spend the weekend with my parents and sister to celebrate their birthdays. Yes there are four birthdays and an anniversary in a matter of two days. My sisters birthday is the 26th, and my parents and aunt is the 27th along with my parents anniversary. So needless to say its a busy two days!

We had lots of fun at the beach this weekend. We went on Saturday and Sunday, and the girls had a blast. Payten loved playing in the water and Camryn loved playing in the sand. We spent horus there and it was a pleasant few hours not like last year when it was chaos having two little ones. This year it was so much more relaxing. We hope to have many more beach trips this year!

Santa bought Payten a kite for Christmas and it was perfect weather to try it out. She loved it!