March 10, 2011

Camryn Brooke - 17 Months

I know I am few days behind but hey at least I am posting. I totally missed her 16 month post and several before that. I am great about blogging about everyday life but I am horrible about these monthly posts.

What Camryn has been up to. . . Getting into EVERYTHING! Haha. She climbs stairs like a pro, I think she is even faster then me. LOL. Her favorite words are Ma & Dada. She is very clingy these days. All she wants is her Mama and I am loving it :-) Her appetite is ehh... Some days she eats great and other days its a losing battle. She weighs about 20 1/2 lbs. She is a petite little thing, I think even smaller then Payten. She loves her big sister to pieces, and loves chasing the dogs around the house. Happy 17 Months baby girl!