March 1, 2011

Our Little Getaway!

This weekend the hubby & I got to escape for a night ALONE! As all of you that are parents know this is not an easy task. We wanted to do a 3 or 4 day cruise through the Caribbean but arranging sitters for the girls just wasn't possible for that length of time, so we took advantage of the 1 day & night alone!

We started Saturday off with a yummy lunch at Olive Garden, soup and salad, how can you go wrong with that? After stuffing our faces we headed over to the spa for pedicures, YES YES my hubby got one too! And I think it might have been a bad thing because now hes talking about getting them frequent, yikes, I can't share my spa time with him, its Mommy time for me :-) After we were all relaxed we headed over to the amazing hotel we were staying, The Rosen Shingle Creek. Just amazing! That is a must visit again VERY soon! We had dinner reservations for 5p, but instead we decided to relax and hang out at the hotel. WICKED (Broadway show) was scheduled to start at 8p, so we headed to downtown Orlando. We had a few drinks and a snack before the show started to hold us over. The show was AWESOME! A must see for sure! The show ended around 11p, and of course now we are starving so we headed to TGIFridays for some drinks and appetizers!

Of course this is ONE morning where we can sleep in, and we were both up at 8a, wide awake! So we headed downstairs for a delicious breakfast buffet!

Even though it was a short amount time alone with the hubby, it felt so great! It's been a really long time that we have spent time like that together!

Happy 5 years baby! Thank you for being the best hubby a girl could have!!!


Cori said...

Looks like you guys had fun!!!