March 15, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

As you can probably tell I love to throw parties :-) Especially kid ones because there smiles are priceless! In October I hosted a Halloween party for the kiddies and it went great! The kids had a blast and gave the parents some adult time as well. Since that was such a blast I decided to host a Easter Egg Hunt. Instead of doing it at our house we will be having it a local park. I figured after the egg hunt the kids could hang out on the playground and enjoy some yummy snacks.

I found this adorable invitation on Etsy, surprise, right?, haha. I had to order it! It's soo cute! Check out seller laurenloulolly for some awesome invitations and paper goodies!

I am sure in the coming weeks as I start to plan a little more I will post some ideas that I have! Of course my Cricut will be put to good use again :-) I love that machine!!!


Gina said...

So cute! I love Easter Egg Hunts - great memories from my childhood!