May 31, 2012

End of the Month?!

How is today the last day in May?!  Didn't the month just start!  It's been a busy busy month but a fun one!

Our June calendar is filling fast already!  But with lots of fun events so its all good!  Since we won't be taking a "real" vacation this summer we are going to plan a few mini stay-cations :-)  The hubby is starting a new job next week so traveling out of the state is out of the question for a few months so in the meantime we'll enjoy all fun things Florida has :-)  Although I am leaning towards the ones that involve water since its so HOT already!

Since life has been crazy lately I haven't been "pinning" much on Pinterest :-(  Although I did order these adorable family name blocks from Etsy for our Entertainment center!  I <3 them!!!  Her shop name is Little Blue Bird Creations!  She is an awesome shop owner, I highly recommend her items!

The girls bathroom is pretty much complete with the exception of a few little details so I hope to update with photos soon!  My hubby would like for me to take break decorating inside the house so we can focus on a few projects we are have for outside but I am on a roll and I hate to stop until I'm done but I am considering it since I am dying to upgrade our patio/grill area outside!

A few ideas that we have for the patio/grill area. . . 

Camryn's room is almost complete as well!  Waiting for her vinyl name monogram to arrive, and to hang her new prints and birth announcement and it will be complete!  Well almost, we are having the contractors come back to finish putting crown molding in the bedrooms :-)

Vinyl monogram, just her name will be a more limy green :-)  I can't wait to put it on the wall!

May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - 05.30

Camryn's Big Girl room in progress.... more pictures to come soon!

May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Pics

Not much to blog about our weekend.  It was full of long FUN beach days!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with their family & friends!
Cocoa Beach

Indian Rocks Beach

May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

As you spend time and have fun with loved ones, remember those who have fought and lost their lives. Thank you to those who have made the greatest sacrifice, as well as to their families, so we can have our freedom. For my family and friends that are currently serving and have served for our country- words can't express my gratitude for all you have done. I think you are truly heroes in every sense of the word and should be honored daily. 

A special thank you to my sister Tracy for serving our country!  We love you and are so proud of you!

May 24, 2012

What a week!!

Did you ever have one of those weeks that you want it to just start over?!  Well I am DEFINITELY having one of those!  I had high hopes that it would be a good week since I had such a great weekend celebrating my birthday.  But I wasn't that lucky :-(

Sunday night Payten had a fever, got pretty high at one point.  It was 103.2.  It was around 2am, the hubby and I had cold washcloths all over Payten to help bring her fever down.  She did finally go back to sleep after 45 minutes or so.  Of course she stayed home from school on Monday.  She had no other symptoms other then a fever, which to me is so weird!  Her fever disappeared on Monday and was fine all through the night and even on Tuesday morning.  She begged us to go to school and since was fever free I thought she would be okay.  She was okay until Tuesday night and he fever spiked again.  Ugh!  I had enough of this crazy fever thing, so we went to the doctor today.  They checked her for the flu and strep and both were negative.  He felt her glands and they are swollen and diagnosed her with a throat infection.   I am hoping the antibiotics kick this nasty thing away so we can enjoy our LONG weekend!

In the middle of all the sickies.  There is new construction in our area and the wonderful construction men cut the cable lines.  We had no cable/internet/phone for over 6 hours!  It makes working from home VERY hard!  

Today I am off to the dentist for some dental work.  Ahhh, my least favorite thing to do EVER!!  Wish me luck!

Now I am hoping all the sickies go away and stay away so we have a great weekend with friends!!!  Hope everyone's week is a little better then mine :-)

May 21, 2012

Our Weekend

It definitely was a busy one!  But FULL of fun!

Friday night it was our monthly Bunco Girls Night out!  Love having this every month.  Although this month we didn't actually play Bunco we just chit chatted.  But it was great having a girls night with no kiddies :-)

Saturday morning I took Payten to dance class and when we arrived home my parents were there.  They came for the weekend to watch the girls so the hubby and I could enjoy a night out together.  Payten had dance pictures at 3:30p.  So we got her all prettied up and headed over to the studio.  Just like last year I am not too happy with the photos so I will take Payten else where to get a good one.  But here is the one he did capture.   After pictures they had a quick dress rehearsal, it was soooo cute!!!

We met our friends Tiffany and Rob at the Melting Pot for a yummy dinner!  This is my favorite place!  Not so much the hubby's but he manages since I love it so much!  We pretty much closed the place down since we chatted and chatted :-)  After dinner with met up with some more friends to enjoy some drinks and dancing!  We had a great night out and realized we definitely need to do this more often!

Yesterday we enjoyed a relaxing day home, just hanging around!  We totally need to have more of these on the weekends, although I am not thinking it will be happening for a while.  We have some busy weekends ahead!

May 17, 2012

29th Birthday

I had a great birthday!  I guess turning 29 wasn't too bad after all!  But I am not sure turning 30 is going to be so easy. 

My morning started off with Camryn saying "Happy Birthday Momma, Happy Birthday Momma" as 6:30am!!!  Not even on my birthday do I get to sleep in :-(.  And not too much longer after Camryn came into our room Payten came in singing Happy Birthday.  It was sweetest thing ever!  I am such a lucky Mommy!

The hubby usually does morning drop off's at school but since I had the day off from work I took advantage of being able to drop them off.  After drop off's the hubby met me for a yummy breakfast at First Watch, my fav breakfast place.  I decided to keep the day going well so I went for a spa pedicure and then headed to the mall to shop for MYSELF and no one else for once :-)  After I was done shopping I worked up an appetite, of course I could I couldnt pass up Cheesecake Factory for a piece of cheesecake. I enjoyed a yummy piece all by myself!  It was AMAZING!

I was heading home after shopping and the hubby called, he wanted me to meet him before going home.  We met in town and he showed with an AWESOME present, an iPad!!!!  I am one lucky girl!  I've been going back and forth about getting one but he beat me to the punch.  It's taking some getting use to learn but I love it and so do the girls!!!
I kept debating whether I wanted to go out for a few drinks and appetizers with some girlfriends since I am celebrating this weekend with friends, but ehhh what the heck?  You only turn 29 once and this is the start of celebrating the last year in my 20's!  We started our night at Crave, the food is soooo good, I will definitely be going back there soon.  We decided to head to Blue Martini to dance the night away.  I had a GREAT birthday, and I guess turning 29 isn't that bad after all!

May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - 05.16

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!  

Okay maybe not a Wordless Wednesday! :-)  How can I be turning 29?!  I know my friends all tease me because I am the youngest out of all them, but it feels like yesterday I was turning 21!!!  I am planning to celebrate the last year of my twenties all year long!  Starting today, took the day off work to get pampered! :-)  Happy Wednesday!
Photos in my twenties... just missing one from 25, guess I didn't want to turn 25 :-)  Boy did I look young at 21-23.... kids and husbands age you.. hehe