May 8, 2012

Weekend at Mema & Poppy's!

Our weekends are always so jammed packed with events, but this past weekend we cleared our calendar so we could head to my parents to spend the weekend with them.  It's sad we only live a 2 hour car drive away and we are lucky if we see them once a month, but its more like every 6 weeks if not longer.  :-(  We all are super busy with this crazy thing called "life" :-(.  Although I am pretty excited we will get to see them a few times between now and June since we have some events going on :-)
We headed down south Saturday morning.  Our first stop was the beach.  The girls and I met my mom there while the hubby went to help my Dad paint their house.  I know fun for us girls but not so much for the men.. hehe.  The girls LOVE the beach!  We were there for hours and they just played and played.  It was great!  It was such a beautiful day too!  Not too hot, the weather was just right!  The girls even splashed a bit in the water.  It was still a little chilly for me but they loved it and lucky for them their Mema splashed with them too!
After the beach we headed to my parents friends house for dinner.  Our friends little girls were in town, twin girls, they are 5 months old, and the cutest little things ever!!!  Payten LOVED them, Camryn wasn't so sure since I was holding them.  She didn't care much for that.  Payten even asked when we were leaving which one could we take home, haha.
Sunday the guys continued to paint while the girls and I hung around and laid poolside!  We had a really great weekend!  But of course we came home to mounds of laundry and lots of housework to do, oh joy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  It's only Tuesday and I am already looking forward to next weekend :-)