May 17, 2012

29th Birthday

I had a great birthday!  I guess turning 29 wasn't too bad after all!  But I am not sure turning 30 is going to be so easy. 

My morning started off with Camryn saying "Happy Birthday Momma, Happy Birthday Momma" as 6:30am!!!  Not even on my birthday do I get to sleep in :-(.  And not too much longer after Camryn came into our room Payten came in singing Happy Birthday.  It was sweetest thing ever!  I am such a lucky Mommy!

The hubby usually does morning drop off's at school but since I had the day off from work I took advantage of being able to drop them off.  After drop off's the hubby met me for a yummy breakfast at First Watch, my fav breakfast place.  I decided to keep the day going well so I went for a spa pedicure and then headed to the mall to shop for MYSELF and no one else for once :-)  After I was done shopping I worked up an appetite, of course I could I couldnt pass up Cheesecake Factory for a piece of cheesecake. I enjoyed a yummy piece all by myself!  It was AMAZING!

I was heading home after shopping and the hubby called, he wanted me to meet him before going home.  We met in town and he showed with an AWESOME present, an iPad!!!!  I am one lucky girl!  I've been going back and forth about getting one but he beat me to the punch.  It's taking some getting use to learn but I love it and so do the girls!!!
I kept debating whether I wanted to go out for a few drinks and appetizers with some girlfriends since I am celebrating this weekend with friends, but ehhh what the heck?  You only turn 29 once and this is the start of celebrating the last year in my 20's!  We started our night at Crave, the food is soooo good, I will definitely be going back there soon.  We decided to head to Blue Martini to dance the night away.  I had a GREAT birthday, and I guess turning 29 isn't that bad after all!