December 31, 2010

Ready for the New Year?!?!

I am!!! Although this year was horribly bad it hasn't been the best of years either. Although the past year watching my girls grow has been the best! It's amazing how much they have changed in one short year.

The other night I have decided that I am going to make a "goal" list for 2011. A fun one though, well and maybe add some serious stuff on there too, like weight loss (sigh), although I do have to do say I have started back at the gym. I decided to get a jump start on one of my New Year's resolutions. :-) Let's hope I can keep up between our busy schedule. One of my musts for 2011 is to take the girls to SeaWorld. Payten has went once with her Uncle and auntie to be, but I'd love for the hubby and I to take them. I think they both would really love it.

A few pictures from the past year. . .



March - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

April - Happy Easter









Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!!! See you all in 2011!

December 30, 2010

Can I really be....

planning for my daughter's THIRD birthday? Already? It feels like we just brought her home for the hospital. I still can not believe our oldest is turning THREE!!! The past few years have definitely flown by!

If any of you know me I am huge planner, down to every last detail. I think I actually have a serious problem, LOL. Of course every party has to have a theme. Her first birthday was "Cupcake/1st Birthday Princess", second birthday was "Fairytale Princess and the Frog", and this year is......... "Sweet Ladybug". Invitations have been ordered and will hopefully arrive within the next week. I am trying to get some ideas for a cute birthday banner. Of course I will be using my new Cricut :-) I can't wait! Love that machine!

Stay tuned to more details. . . and the invites as soon as they are sent out :-)

December 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - 12/29

Christmas Day

I am thinking Santa did a good job this year, what do you think? I think he might have actually went a little overboard.....

Payten was beyond excited when she all the gifts that Santa left for her and her sister. Of course the first thing she noticed was the dollhouse and from that point she was obsessed. She would open one present then go right back to the dollhouse. I think maybe next year Santa will leave most of the gifts unwrapped since unwrapping them seemed more like a chore then fun, but then again maybe next year both girls will like unwrapping presents more.

Camryn even got into unwrapping the gifts although she was usually unwrapping her sisters and not hers. :-) Payten loved her new vanity but I think Camryn will benefit from this one too. She loved playing with all the accesories and laughing at herself in the mirror.

Santa's helper did a little last minute shopping and found this little monkey tent. Both girls got a huge kick of out it. Payten even set up her little chair in their so they had a place to sit in there. Haha

One of the girls BIG gifts is a Playhouse from all the grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Can you tell they loved it? Payten was soo excited!

Our few attempts for a family picture.... Next time I need to do this earlier in the day! We were all pretty exhausted by this point and the girls were ready for bed!

We had a wonderful day with all of our family. It is so nice to get together and enjoy the day together. I wish we could be with ALL of our family for the holidays but maybe one day. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

December 27, 2010

Family Pictures

These pictures just have me speechless! Amy Robertson has out done herself again! Her talent is just amazing! If you live in the Central Florida area, I highly recommend her! To see more of her work, go to