December 16, 2010

More cookie making. . .

Way too much baking going on here.... all that equals to is racking up the unnecessary pounds on the scale :-( However I have been good and resisting all the goodies... although I am not sure how much longer I can.

Payten's class is having a Holiday party tomorrow so we baked some cookies for her class. This time we made butter cookies with the cookie gun. I tell myself every year I am going to throw that cookie gun away because it makes me nuts but I caved again and used it. I just love the pretty shapes :-)

We are loving all the holiday fun around here. Tomorrow evening we are going to watch the "snow" fall in Celebration. Yes its fake but I am sure the kids will love it.

A cookie isn't complete without sprinkles :-)

Payten loves wearing all her "holiday" themed shirts. This one is her favorite because its from Grandma H :-) Happy Thursday!