June 30, 2011

Father's Day

I know, I know... its been two weeks already since Father's Day. Its been crazy around here!

The hubby had a great day with his girls. We started off the morning with homemade presents of the girls hand prints, and then we headed to First Watch for a yummy breakfast. We met up with our friends Doug and Dana, and of course Baby Addison (Payten just loves her)! The rest of the day we just hung out and relaxed. Great way to end a wonderful weekend!

Carnival Fun

It's already Thursday and I am still not done posting from two weeks ago! Geez I have to get a move on it!

On our last night of our mini vacation. . . we hearded to this cute little carnival. We always say were going to take the girls and check it out and FINALLY we did this time. And they LOVED it! They rode ride after ride and the best part it was so inexpensive! We'll be going back there again soon!

Chick-fil A ~ Family Night!

Every Tuesday night the Chick-fil-A by our house has a family night. Every week its a theme. A few weeks ago they made Father's Day gifts for the Dad's and of course there was face painting, Payten's favorite! Camryn isn't into the whole face painting thing just yet so she loves to enjoy a yummy ice cream cone while watching her big sister! :-)

This week they got to color and make there own funny sunglasses for the holiday! Super cute!

June 29, 2011

Mini Vacation - Beach Day #2

I told ya it would take me all week to post about out little getaway. I kinda of have been a blogging rut, well maybe not rut, just can't find the time lately.

As you can tell we spent quite a bit of time at the beach. The girls love it so it keeps them entertained for hours :-) And Camryn loves hanging out with her Poppy at the beach! We will we back there in a few weeks and Payten is already excited!

June 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 6/29

July 2010
Crazy how much they have changed since last year!
*Sorry about the resolution, it was scanned.

Patrick Michael Hogan ~ 05.01.74 - 06.28.06

It feels like yesterday when Sean introduced me to his big brother Patrick. Sean's family lives in Wisconsin and we live in Florida so I thought meeting his family would be a little challenging and had no idea when I would meet any of them. Sean and I had been dating for several months, and he had come to pick me up from work (sometimes we car pooled), and to my surprise that day his brother Patrick was with him. He flew in for the weekend to spend time with his brother. From that moment I knew I would just click with him! Of course I was a little nervous meeting one of his family members for the first time but Patrick was so easy to talk to. After talking for just a short time I felt like I have known him forever.

I had no idea that just 3 years later that wonderful guy that I was proud to call my "brother" would be taken from us so soon. I remember June 28, 2006 more then any other day. It was around 6am (I was working from home), and the phone was ringing. . . it was my from in-laws house, really why were they calling us at 6am? I just knew the second I picked up the phone it wasn't good news. . It was my father in law, and from the tone of his voice, I got the chills and immediately I began to feel weak. He had explained what happened and I was trying to bring myself to tell my husband but the words just weren't coming out of my mouth. . . I handed him the phone and everything after that was a blur.

As the years have went by, and we have started our family, it breaks my heart everyday to know that my girls will never get to meet there amazing Uncle. We have a picture of Uncle Patrick in our living room and we tell the girls all about him and how much he loves them.

"Keep watching out for us like you always do. "Explore, enjoy, live... but always be true to yourself"- PMH. We love you BIG brother!!!

June 26, 2011

Mini Vacation - Beach Day #1

The first day of our mini vacation we headed over to the beach. This is one of the girls favorite places. Both of them just love to play in the sand and loving having the waves crash on them. I can always count on great naps from both of them after spending a day here. Although I do have to say its a lot of work getting two kids on the beach. All the stuff is crazy. And once you get all set up then its time to lather the sunscreen on. The days of lazy beach days just don't exist anymore but its totally worth it to see their smiles all day :-)

Having a little sand & water fun!

Beach babe!

Enjoying the waves crashing on them

And well maybe this one was a little too big. . .

Dance Recital - Limbo Rock

So let's just say I am REALLY behind in blogging. Payten had her first dance recital on June 4th. She did amazing! I was little concerned since she is still little and seeing all those people in the audience can be overwhelming but her whole class did awesome. They were soo stinkin cute. There are no pictures during the recital due to the rules but here are a few before and after :-) Thank you to all of our family and friends that came to support Payten!

Aunt Tracy, Aunt Jane, & Payten

Poppy, Mema, & Payten

Payten & Mommy

Yummy cookies and cake pops!

Payten and all her goodies!

Payten & Aunt Dana

Daddy and his girls!