July 30, 2013


I am quite happy with how things are coming along for Camryn's birthday party.  I made a to do list by the week that way I don't feel so overwhelmed.  I've had a lot of free time lately in the evenings, which has been great.  But I know starting next week when the activities start and then not long before that school will be starting so my friend time will be limited, so I am trying to take advantage of my free time now.  

I finished up the fabric garland last night.  I started working on the ribbon wreath.  My goal is to finish that this week along with ordering the invitations and Camryn's birthday outfit.  We've narrowed down the invitations so all that is left is just hitting submit :-).  I love feeling accomplished like this!  Now if only I could finally finish decorating my office!  

For the cake I am thinking a design between these two!

July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Sean!

Beach side

We got to spend our entire weekend beach side! Totally what we needed! The weather was beautiful!  The rain stayed away, thank goodness. The girls had a blast, as always since the beach is one of their favorite places!

July 26, 2013

Low key

Our week has been pretty low key.  Luckily our summer hasn't been too crazy.  I am definitely enjoying plan-less evenings.  Although starting next week that is about to end.  Booo!

Next week is Meet and Greet the coaches for Payten's cheer team.  She has been attending a few tumbling classes and attended cheer camp last week but next week starts the real deal.  Ekkk!  Practice will be two nights a week, then a Saturday game. So needless to say it'll be a little crazy.  Since we'll be spending many HOT nights at the field, Payten got a new personalized water bottle.  Isn't it adorable?!
The hubby has been doing some traveling for work so we had many girls nights.  The girls love when he goes out of town because that means they get to have a slumber party with mommy :-)
We received Payten's school supply list this week.  It's quite lengthy if you ask me but I guess its still cheaper then the weekly fee that I was paying for her other school, so I'll take the school list.  :-)  The girls and I made a Target trip to start to tackle this list.  We are about 75% done but hope to finish the rest this coming week.  Payten has been nervous about going to a new school but after doing a little shopping she seems really excited now.  I hope that vibe continues :-)
The girls are heading south this afternoon to enjoy the weekend at my parents.  We are hoping the weather stays clear of rain and thunderstorms so we can enjoy a few days at the beach!  Happy Friday!

July 23, 2013

Sometimes I....

think I should quit my job and become an Event Planner.  I absolutely love planning events.  Down to every little detail.  It's actually kind of scary how in depth I get when planning an event.  Since Camryn's birthday is the next big event, well aside from my hubby's but he isn't a party kind of guy, I am becoming obsessed with everything for Camryn's birthday!  I mean I even have a weekly to do list... who does this?  This crazy chick!

Realistically though the chances of me getting a GOOD paying event planning job with awesome benefits is slim to none, so the chances are pretty low that I'd make the career change.  So I guess in the meantime I'll enjoy planning the girls parties and whatever other events come my way!  :-)

July 22, 2013


Our weekend was just that, uneventful.  It rained pretty much all weekend and when it wasn't raining it was overcast. Totally ruined our plans for a few outside activities :-(.

Since I was stuck indoors why not organize a few closets.... I made it through several drawers in the kitchen, that literally everyone kept just putting stuff in.  Drives me nuts!  I even managed to tackle the girls never ending totes of clothes!  It took two days but its complete, woo hoo!
We ventured out Saturday night, even though it was down pouring but Payten begged us to go out to dinner. I was all about ordering in but she insisted on going somewhere.  So off to Red Robin we went, her pick too! Love that place!  It's sooo good!
I figured since we were stuck in the house I would make the best of my time. I worked on a few projects for Camryn's birthday party. Everything is turning out great so far, but my list is still a mile long. But I can't wait to see how everything turns out when its all put together!
We have been breaking out the games lately, the girls newest fav is Monopoly Jr.  Its really fun and easy for them to follow along.

July 19, 2013

She can't be turning 4?!

There is no way its almost time for Cam's birthday already!  This past year has just flown by, its soo crazy! After several years of party planning, I've decided to do something a little different.  This years theme for Camryn's birthday party is Carnival fun!  I have a few fun ideas up my sleeve, but lets see if I go through with them!  So far this is what I have put together for some ideas :-)  I have a ton more but here just a few!

Stay tuned to my progress! :-)

July 18, 2013


This week seems like its dragging.  And it's definitely not because we aren't busy but for some reason it feels like the weekend is never going to come.  :-(.

Monday, Payten started cheer camp for the week.  She's having fun learning all the basics of cheerleading. She learned a few cute cheers.  I am looking forward to being able to watch her at practice.  Practice starts next month TWICE a week, ekkkk!  I sure hope its not too too hot.  Wishful thinking!
Camryn was back to school this week too after taking a 2 week break due to our vacation.  She was super excited about going back and seeing her friends.  She loves going everyday, thank goodness!!  Makes things way easier that she doesn't put up a fight in the mornings.  Well at least not about going to school just about what shoes she is going to wear... haha!
It's still rainy season here in Florida.  It literally rains and storms EVERYDAY!  Totally stinks!  I am really over it!  I am ready for clear skies ALL day and not just until 2p!  

Our weekend is pretty low key, LOVE!  Once school starts and fall arrives it starts to be CRAZY busy for us.  Happy Thursday!!  Almosttttttttt Friday! 

July 16, 2013

Road Trip to the Midwest - Part 4

Good byes are never easy.  We had a blast in Wisconsin visiting all of our family!  We are already looking forward to our next gathering!