July 30, 2013


I am quite happy with how things are coming along for Camryn's birthday party.  I made a to do list by the week that way I don't feel so overwhelmed.  I've had a lot of free time lately in the evenings, which has been great.  But I know starting next week when the activities start and then not long before that school will be starting so my friend time will be limited, so I am trying to take advantage of my free time now.  

I finished up the fabric garland last night.  I started working on the ribbon wreath.  My goal is to finish that this week along with ordering the invitations and Camryn's birthday outfit.  We've narrowed down the invitations so all that is left is just hitting submit :-).  I love feeling accomplished like this!  Now if only I could finally finish decorating my office!  

For the cake I am thinking a design between these two!