July 1, 2013

This weekend

Friday night I had my monthly Bunco night with the girls.  It was much needed after this crazy week!  Of course I didn't win, never do, but that's okay because all the laughs make losing so much better. Haha.

Saturday we had planned on going to Aquatica but the weather was horrid.  Rainy and icky all day.  So we decided to take the girls to the movies to see Monsters University.  Payten has been begging me since it came out and since we didn't have any other plans why not.  Once I got there, paid for the tickets and snacks (nothing crazy either), I was $50 deep.... ehhh!  Why are the movies so expensive?!  Of course it was totally worth it because the girls loved it and it was a really cute movie.  

After the movie we came home and hung out.  I started to pack for our trip.  Did I ever say how much I loathe packing?  Ugh!  It feels like its never ending and no matter how hard I try not too pack too much its just so hard not to.  Especially when traveling with kids!  I was in bed pretty early since I had to work yesterday.  It was a pretty quite weekend but sometimes we need one of those!