January 31, 2011

Girl's Day at Disney

Saturday, Payten and I enjoyed a girls day at Disney with LeeAnn & Rylie, and Stacey & Kennedy. We started our morning off at a character breakfast at Hollywood Studios. The girls had a blast! They loved greeting all the characters and dancing along with them. There faces were priceless. After eating a yummy breakfast, we went to have some more pictures taken with a few other characters, Mickey Mouse being Payten's favorite of course. After trying to seeing a few shows and being unsuccessful we headed over the Magic Kingdom. The girls just loved riding all the rides and enjoyed some yummy treats.

We had such a wonderful day with the girls and it's a definite must do again soon! Thank you so much for Stacey for inviting us.

Beware of the picture overload.... I took over 200 pictures!!!

January 28, 2011

Easy Week

I know I have been a bit MIA this week but its been a pretty easy week and nothing to report. Crazy right?! That basically never happens. I am totally looking forward to the weekend and spending a day at Disney's Magic Kingdom with all the girls. It's definitely much needed! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

January 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 1/26

Wishing the summer would hurry and get here so we can enjoy some fun at Blizzard Beach!

Sticky Noodles Giveaway

Sticky Noodles is hosting their first giveaway! I absolutely love their products. Just adorable! I would love to win...

Please "Like" Sticky Noodles on Facebook and leave a comment on their Facebook letting them know I sent you! Thanks everyone!

January 24, 2011

Our Weekend

It was fun but relaxing all in one! Friday evening the hubby worked til late, so the girls I enjoyed an evening together. We played til bath time, then did baths, and played a little more. I love nights when I can just hang out with them and not worry about house chores :-) After the girls went to bed I got to work on Payten's birthday banner... It's turning out so cute!

(Excuse the quality of this photo, taken with my camera phone)

Saturday morning, the hubby took Camryn to the doctor because she hasn't been herself and found out she has STREP throat :-( Poor thing. She is on meds now and is finally getting back to herself. While the hubby and Camryn were at the doctor, Payten and I went to her dance class. On the way home from dance we picked up some lunch. While the girls were napping, I headed over to the gym for a quick workout. Our evening was nice and relaxing. Played and watched a movie with the girls.

Sunday the girls were up pretty early, so we decided to head out to an early breakfast. As we were sitting down coloring with the girls while waiting for our food, I realized that was the first time we had been to breakfast since MAY! Crazy right?! Now that the girls are older its so much easier and will become more frequent! After breakfast we came home and worked on some organizing in the girls rooms.

(Excuse the quality of these photos, taken with my camera phone)

While the hubby and Camryn stayed home and watch the Packers beat the Bears :-), Payten and I went to Colby's 3rd Birthday Party at Cranium Clubhouse. Payten had a blast! She ran around so much that on the way home she passed out. Gotta love it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

Weight Loss Update - Week 3 & 4

It was a busy week last week and didn't get to post my weekly update. However I have been doing GREAT! Down another pound and 1/2, woot woot! I am have been doing good going to the gym 4 days a week and strength training between two and three times a week. I am usually an elliptical girl but have been switching it up with running on the treadmill. I have NEVER been a fan of running but actually lately, I am enjoying it. I average about 2.25 miles sometimes 2.50 miles. And I am loving it! This week is a new week and I am going to bump the running to 2.75 miles. Here's to hoping I get a little closer to my BIG goal this week!

New goals for this week:

1) Cardio 4 days this week (Running 2.75 miles)
2) Strength training 3 days this week (2 days arms/1 day legs)

January 20, 2011

Birthday Party Invitations

Aren't they adorable? I love them! Why didn't they have all this cute stuff out when I was a kid? I am still working on the birthday banner but hope to have a few pictures of it soon. It's turning out to be super cute!!

January 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 1/19

Crazy how much they have changed in a ONE year!

Gloomy Days

For the past two days its been rainy and gloomy. I use to love days like this but now I hate them! All I want to do is lay around and be lazy and of course that's not possible when having two little ones, so they day just drags on and even makes me in a grumpy mood. :-( I am ready for the sun to come back out so I can be energized and get some things done around here.

This week is a pretty easy one, not much planned which is nice for once. The hubby has been on a mission to re-do our loft/playroom. So we have been trying to think of ways to make it more "organized". I am not sure we'll ever figure out the right thing that actually works but it's worth a shot. Stay tuned to see what we came up with!

Rylie's 3rd Birthday Party

Happy 3rd Birthday Rylie! I still can't believe your three! Where have these years gone? On Sunday we went to GMA Adventure Zone to celebrate Rylie's 3rd Birthday! The girls had a blast! Payten wanted to keep jumping. Camryn was a little ehhh about it first but after a few times down the slide with her daddy, I think she actually started to like it.

Daddy and his girls getting ready to slide


Camryn taking a break and the Birthday girl sliding away

The awesome rope swing. The kids loved this!!

Make a wish!! Happy Birthday Rylie!!