January 20, 2011

Birthday Party Invitations

Aren't they adorable? I love them! Why didn't they have all this cute stuff out when I was a kid? I am still working on the birthday banner but hope to have a few pictures of it soon. It's turning out to be super cute!!


SamanthaD said...

These are super cute! Looks like you're doing a ton of planning!

I’m a new follower!


PS....I'm looking for 3-4 bloggers about my same size to host a weekly blog hop together. Let me know if you'd be interested!

mrsking14 said...

Hi! I am a current follower of yours and wanted to give you a heads up that I have changed my blog URL. Apparently if you don’t follow me at the new URL, you won’t be a follower at all. My new web address is http://thasuburbanhousewife.blogspot.com
Hope you can come follow me
PS. Watch for my first review and giveaway coming soon!!!