May 31, 2013

Allure of the Seas - Day 5

Day 5 we spent in St. Marteen.  By far one of my favorite islands.  Its a beautiful island.  The beaches are amazing!  We spent our day on Orient Beach.  It was just amazing!  Day 5 was also the day of my 30th birthday!  And what an amazing way to spend my 30th birthday.  I couldn't imagine anything better then this.

After our amazing day at the beach, we got back to the ship, showered and then the girls went to Adventure Ocean (their request), and the hubby and I went to dinner to at Giovanni's.  It was delicious!  We ended our night we our nightly trip to the boardwalk :-)

May 30, 2013


I feel like even if I posted two posts a day it still wouldn't get me caught up on all that has been going on. May had been a crazy month for us and June isn't looking any better.

I am back from my trip to Tennessee to meet my new niece, Autumn Bay! What a a little angel she is! I just couldn't get enough of her. It was really hard leaving this morning. And even harder leaving my sister knowing that she has a long recovery ahead of her. I am hoping to get back there again real soon!

The girls had a great few days with their Dad. They enjoyed their day at Disney with him along with some other fun activities.  Get ready for picture over load.

I still have a few days to post about our cruise so I am hoping to finish them up by the weekend but we'll see. The laundry piles are massive and I must catch up on my "real" job haha! 

Happy Thursday!!
 Autumn Bay... love love her!

May 28, 2013

Allure of the Seas - Day 4

Today we arrived in St. Thomas.  One of my favorite islands!  The water just looks amazing!  I could get use to seeing these views every morning!
We signed up for an afternoon beach trip to Megan's Bay.  So we got to take our time this morning.  We had another yummy breakfast, toured the ship, and just hung out.
We even had lunch on the ship before heading off the ship to meet for our excursion.  
The girls loved the airbus trip.  They thought it was so neat.  A little scary as a mom but I loved seeing how much fun they had!  We made a quick photo stop to see Megan's Bay from up top.  What a a beautiful view!  It was a little hazy but still absolutely gorgeous!
The girls LOVED the beach!  The beaches in the Virgin Islands are GORGEOUS!  By far my favorite beaches!
After our fun day at the beach, we went to dinner, saw Shrek and Fiona, went to our favorite place - The Boardwalk, and even hit up the candy shop for some sweets.. :-)  We had a GREAT day in St. Thomas!

May 27, 2013

Allure of the Seas - Day 3

Today was a relaxing day.  Since we were at sea, we enjoyed yummy food, lots of pool time, and just toured the ship.  We did get to see the awesome water show Ocean Aria.  It was amazing!