May 3, 2013


What a week!  It's been rainy and dreary here so the week has felt never ending!  I am so happy the weekend is finally almost here!

The hubby has been working like crazy so its just been the girls and I.  We've been spending a lot of time just hanging out and clowning around.  It's been nice to play games, watch their favorite shows, play makeup and hair salon {lol}.  Camryn is my crazy one!  She is always doing something corky but I love it!

After the girls have went to bed, I've been able to finish up a few of my small house projects.  My collage wall is finally coming along.  Only a little more until its finished!  Woo hoo!
It's going to be a busy weekend for us.  Tonight we'll lay low, since tomorrow and Sunday will busy.  Tomorrow my parents are coming into along with our friends Dana & Addison.  So it'll be a full house over here.  Saturday night, the hubby and I will be attending a Kentucky Derby themed event Saturday night.  Looking forward to it since we didn't get to make it last year and its always a lot of fun!  

Sunday we are planning to either lay poolside or head over to Aquatica.  We'll see how the morning goes and decide then.  I am looking forward to see family and friends this weekend!  Happy Friday!