December 29, 2009

Lots going on!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We sure did! Santa spoiled both Payten and Camryn. And we enjoyed the holidays with great family & friends. Now its back to the grind....

Tomorrow I am having mouth surgery. I have been in pain for weeks and they finally figured it's from one of my wisdom teeth so I will be going in tomorrow to have it extracted along with two others that now have an infection.. I know ouch. :-( Since I will be pretty occuipied on pain meds, I will post a few new pictures of Camryn. I can't believe she is 12 weeks already! So crazy! She is smiling up a storm these days and sleeping much better, thank goodness. Happy 12 weeks Cami!

December 25, 2009

And the last one...

Even though there are a ton more pictures I am going to post a few more. If you like to see them all just email me and I'll send you the album. I hope everyone's holiday season was as good as ours. :-)Our little peanut!
Cam's 1st Christmas!
Santa came to visit!
Our family!

Christmas Part III

Oooh playdoh!!!
Yay, what's this???
Magic doodle, my fav!!
Is this for me too??
I love my new kitchen!!! Thank you Santa

Christmas Part II

Ooo whats this?
Trying on her new princess slippers!
Is this for me???
Ahhh a bubble mower and its pink too!
Beep, beep, coming through!

Christmas Morning - Part I

Santa came!!!

And he even ate the cookies and drank his milk!

Stocking time!

Good morning Cami!

Oooo bracelets, Payten loves the bling!

Playing catch up...

I have been doing a lot of posting but its just been with pictures. We have been super busy around here. So many things to post so I have been skipping out on the details and just posting pictures. :-) So this is my time for catch up....

Let's see.... We headed to Chick Fil A on Tuesday evening to see Santa and his elves. They had the usual face painting and balloon figurines. Payten had a blast as always. She wasn't too sure about Santa so we just talked to him from afar.

Wednesday the Ellison family invited us to join them at Disney. We met them at Magic Kingdom. It is absolutely beautiful during the holidays. All the lights and decorations are amazing! And Cinderella's castle is gorgeous! Too bad its not lit like that all year. We didn't do too many rides because with a big group its kind of hard. Every time we turned around we had to make a bathroom stop for one of the kiddies. However Payten did ride Dumbo. She wasn't too sure at first but once we were up in the air she had a blast! Thank you Ellison family for inviting us!

Yesterday evening we headed over to the Berry household to celebrate Christmas Eve with their family and Aunt Tracy even joined us too. It was great seeing Dana's mom & sister. They bought Payten and Camryn adorable gifts. Aunt Dana and Uncle Doug gave Payten a fun gift... a sit and spin. WOO HOO! So much fun. Thank you so much for inviting us and most of all for being great friends!

And today is Christmas, YAY! We can't wait to see Payten's face when she see's all her gifts from Santa. Stay tuned to the pictures!

December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve at The Berry's!

Mommy and her girls!

The little princess

Daddy & Camryn on her 1st Christmas Eve

All the yummy food Dana cooked!

Payten loving all her new presents!

December 22, 2009

Family Night at Chick Fil A

Playtime fun!

Yummy ice cream!

Payten got her arm painted!

Colt's awesome painted face!

Camryn hanging out while the other kiddies are having fun!

December 20, 2009

Light Show

Saturday evening we headed to Downtown Mt Dora for the Light Show. Not totally what we expected but was still lots of fun. It was a bit on the chilly side. Then after wards we went for a yummy dinner at Chili's!

December 19, 2009

Outside Playtime!

Payten's new thing is to play outside! She absolutely loves it and begs to go outside everyday! Luckily the weather has been a bit cooler so we can actually enjoy the outdoors a little more. Excuse her hair she just woke from her nap. :-)

December 18, 2009

Shopping Day!

The girls and I are headed out for a little Christmas shopping but before departing we had a little photo session in their matching outfits. Thank you Ellison family for our adorable outfits! :-)

December 15, 2009

Christmas w/ the Ellison's!

Tonight was our annual Christmas with the Ellison's. We had lots of fun of course! Yummy food and the girls and I got some wonderful gifts. Thank you so much for your generosity Ellison clan, and most of all thank you for being such great friends. We love you!

More pictures to come when Tammy sends me her's :-)