August 31, 2013

West Orange Bobcats

This morning Payten had her second football game of the season.  It was blazing hot just like last week, boo! The girls did really well.  They are really getting the hang of how the games go, now if only it would cool down a bit.  It's quite hot at 9a, who would think right?!

August 30, 2013

2nd week of school

The second week of school is completed and it went pretty well.  Other then the crazy mornings and two different pick ups for the girls its been going great.  Payten is getting use to the drop off's, well kind of.  It's growing on her.  She is loving her "specials" each day.  She rotates between PE, computer class, art, and music.  So far not too much homework so that's good but I am sure its coming :-(.  Camryn is doing good too.  Not too bad reports home. No homework yet for her but I KNOW that's coming.  When Payten was in the PreK4 class there was quite a bit of homework.  So I am preparing myself, LOL.

August 29, 2013

First Cheer Game & Weekend

So things have been crazy around here which is why I haven't posted lately. With school being back in session, the girls after school activities, homework, my side business, oh yea working full time, and taking care of things around the house I just haven't found the time to squeeze in blogging.  :-(  I am thinking about maybe doing a weekly post until things ease up a bit around here.  So we'll see!

This past weekend Payten had her first football game to cheer for.  It was insanely HOT!  I swear we lost several pounds from how much we were sweating.  I thought there was cooler weather during football season, oh that's right we live in Florida.  Haha.  Payten had a blast cheering, well except for the heat part. This wasn't an actual "season" but more of a kick off practice to the real season.  This weekend is our first "real" game and its a home one too, woo hoo.  I am just hoping its a little cooler out, doubt it but a girl can hope right?!
The rest of the weaken we laid low.  Worked on a few house projects.  Well mainly the playroom project.Which is coming around slowly but surely.  Hoping to have it finished sometime next week!  Ha funny, I know!  But for now this is what it looks like. . . 

August 23, 2013

Beach Weekend

Before heading back to the reality we decided we enjoy some downtown at the beach.  The girls had a blast at the beach.  And it was nice to just relax all weekend.  I sure hope we get another weekend like that before the cooler weather heads in!

August 20, 2013

First Day of School

Wow its been a crazy few days!  We enjoyed a few days away at the beach before the back to school madness.  But now I feel so behind :-(.  

The first day of school went great for both girls.  Payten was a bit nervous when I walked her in but when I picked her up she was all smiles and was so happy.  She said she loved it.  Phew what a relief!  I can't wait to hear all about her second day!  Camryn's first day went good except for getting sent to time out once, so typical of Camryn.  Ahhh that kid is going to give me a run for my money, that's  for sure!

August 16, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Last night was Payten's Meet the Teacher!  It really became surreal when we walked in the school doors, my first little princess is going to Kindergarten... :-(  Where did the time go?!  She is super excited about starting school on Monday.  She loved her teacher.  What a sweetheart she is.  The classroom is soo cute! Another mom told me that Ms. White is a huge picture taker, well you know how much I just LOVED that. Payten got her first classroom picture taken and then one with me and her.  Love love that!  Monday I am sure I will be a mess.  Stay tuned to how her 1st day of Kindergarten went!  Happy Friday!

August 14, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - 08.14

How is she starting Kindergarten?!  Ahhh how fast the years have gone by! :-(

August 12, 2013

First days of Cheer practice!

Payten had her first official cheer practice Tuesday night.  They meet Tuesday and Thursday nights for 2 hours each night, ehhh I know.  But its a great time for me to get a good run in, so I am not complaining. She had a blast.  She did get a bit frustrated because she wasn't picking up one of the cheers right away.  Payten is one that needs to learn it the first time or she gets upset with herself.  I told her in the car on the ride home that its going to take time and that is why they have practice.  Overall her first week of cheer practice went great. Thursday night was a way better practice for her.  And now she is super excited about her first game in 2 weeks!