August 29, 2013

First Cheer Game & Weekend

So things have been crazy around here which is why I haven't posted lately. With school being back in session, the girls after school activities, homework, my side business, oh yea working full time, and taking care of things around the house I just haven't found the time to squeeze in blogging.  :-(  I am thinking about maybe doing a weekly post until things ease up a bit around here.  So we'll see!

This past weekend Payten had her first football game to cheer for.  It was insanely HOT!  I swear we lost several pounds from how much we were sweating.  I thought there was cooler weather during football season, oh that's right we live in Florida.  Haha.  Payten had a blast cheering, well except for the heat part. This wasn't an actual "season" but more of a kick off practice to the real season.  This weekend is our first "real" game and its a home one too, woo hoo.  I am just hoping its a little cooler out, doubt it but a girl can hope right?!
The rest of the weaken we laid low.  Worked on a few house projects.  Well mainly the playroom project.Which is coming around slowly but surely.  Hoping to have it finished sometime next week!  Ha funny, I know!  But for now this is what it looks like. . .