December 31, 2012

2012 - Year in Review

Usually every NYE I am sad to see the year come to an end but after our crazy year I am so ready for a fresh new year!  Here's to hoping 2013 being a great one! 

January, we had to say good bye to my sister as she went to finish her last part of boot camp for the Army.
February, my sister graduated from boot camp, Payten Elisabeth turned 4, the hubby and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary!
March, we enjoyed a mini staycation, Uncle Dave, Uncle Darrin & Lindsey came for a visit, worked on some house projects.

April, we hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt, celebrated Easter at Busch Gardens, Camryn went into a BIG girl bed, and we enjoyed another mini staycation
May, I enjoyed a great Mother's Day with my girls and celebrated my last year in my "20's"!

June, Payten had her 2nd dance recital, Grandma & Grandpa Hogan came for a visit, the girls wrapped up the school year, celebrated Father's Day, and we lost our first furbaby Corgy :-(
July, took the girls to see a Cinderella play, Camryn started potty training, Sean celebrated his 35th!

August, enjoyed some fun at the beach, Payten started VPK, and Payten had her first soccer practice.

September, Camryn started her first year of dancing school, saw Disney on Ice, girls had a fun photo shoot, planned for Camryn's 3rd birthday party!

October, Camryn turned 3, enjoyed some fall fun, had our annual family pictures, celebrated Halloween!
November, the girls announced that they were going to be BIG cousins, celebrated Thanksgiving with our family & friends, took the girls on their 1st cruise!
December, enjoyed lots of holiday celebrating, made a trip to Wisconsin for Christmas and the girls got to play in the snow for their first time!

The Girls - 2012

I love putting together this post every year.  I don't always notice how much the girls have changed through the years since I see them everyday.  But after putting this post together its crazy how much they post have lost that "baby" look {tear tear}.  I can't believe this time next year they will be 5 and 4!!!  So crazy! 

Happy New Years Eve!  Be safe!