December 10, 2012

Liberty of the Seas - Day 4

Finally I am getting around to blogging about our final day on the cruise!  It's been a crazy weekend so I had NO time to do anything on the computer.

We started the day by heading to character breakfast.  We had planned on going the first day but it was already sold out.  So glad we did get a reservation though because the girls LOVED it!  Camryn even liked it, well except for meeting Kung Fu Panda.  She was NOT having any of that!
They started the breakfast out with a dance party.  Which of course Payten and Rylie had to join in!  They were dancing fools!
The first character they got to meet was Alex the Lion from Madagascar.  He is soo much fun!  I think he was Payten's favorite!  Especially since he picked her up and spun her around :-)
Next up was Kung Fo Panda.  Rylie and Payten loved him!  And especially his awesome moves!!
The third and last character they got to see was Fiona.  Fiona made her way around the ship so we got several pictures with Fiona during our trip.
After stuffing our faces and having lots of laughs with the characters, we dropped the kids off at the kids club for about 2 hours and us adults hit the casino!  I won $25 and took my money and ran.  I am not a huge gambler so it I do win, even if its not much I am done.  

After kids club we took the 5 kids to the arcade.  Yes I said 5!  Brian and Sean are like kids too!  They had to play each other in air hockey, like a million times... :-)  Payten and Rylie even played and did awesome!  I was shocked since this was Payten's first time playing but she did really well!  We might have to invest in an air hockey table :-)
We spent the rest of the day going to the pool, making Pets at Sea for the kids, eating some more, and even a little more gambling in the casino. 
For dinner we took to the kids to the buffet and then to the kids club so we could enjoy our last night of dinner and peace.  And let me tell you, what a great idea that was!  The kids were even happy that they didn't have to sit through a 2 hour dinner process :-)
I am so sad our vacation went by way too fast!  I am already looking forward to another!  Although we were only gone for 4 days, it sure was nice being away from reality!!!  The girls had a great time on the first cruise and we look forwarding in cruising a ton more in the future!


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like so much fun!