December 4, 2012

Liberty of the Seas - Day 1

Since our days were jammed packed of fun events, I have decided to break each post down by each day.  Plus you will be on total picture overload if I don't.  I took over 500 pictures!  I think I might have a bit of a picture issue.  

We got on board around 2ish.  I was hoping to get there a little earlier but with the million and one potty stops and hitting a little of traffic, it took longer then expected to arrive to the port. We arrived at the port to board The Liberty of the Seas.  This was our 6th cruise, well Sean & I's but this was the girls first.   Once we got all checked in and went checked our our room we roamed each deck to see what the ship had to offer.  The last one we went on was a smaller ship so it was nice to see all that this ship had to offer.  It was a bit windy on the pool deck :-)
After doing the obligatory mustard station routine.  We headed to the 5th floor to check out the DreamWorks parade.  What a great way to start off the vacation.  The girls just loved this.  Even Camryn, our scaredy cat, loved it!

After the parade it was time to get ready for dinner.  We didn't have too much time to get ready but we still managed to get all prettied up :-).  This is the first cruise where we did the "My Time Dining" and I loved it.  I loved making reservations for the different days at different times.  I'm all about flexibility on vacation!  The food was yummy.  I wasn't like over the top impressed but it was still good.  Especially the dessert... chocolate sensation! Yum yum!
Even our elf, Corgy made the trip with us.  He kept a close eye out on the girls :-)