November 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sean and the girls putting on our tree topper
On the left 2009 and on the right 2010

Wisconsin Trip - Part 3

We spent several days just hanging out. It was quite chilly there this past week. The girls had lots of time to play. Lots of giggling and goofing around! Payten and Camryn loved hanging out with their cousin Bri.

I promise she isn't hurting her :-)

The girls on the Storyteller ride

Book and puzzle time

Time to play beauty shop!

November 29, 2010

Wisconsin Trip - Part 2

Packer Sunday in the Hogan house. We spent Sunday afternoon rooting on the Packers. They came out with a great win against the Vikings. Beat that Brett Favre! Although I am Giants fan, you must root on the Packers in this house or else... LOL. After the Packer win the guys headed out for some more hunting.

Go Pack Go!

Daddy and his girls

Payten and Mommy

Payten and Aunt Gaby

Monday we decided we wanted to do a little shopping and have the girls visit Santa. I was little nervous about the visit with Santa but both girls did great! They loved him. Payten loved the little play area they had there. After our shopping extravaganza we headed back to my in laws for some dinner.

Wisconsin Trip - Part 1

We're back! We arrived back home yesterday early afternoon. The drive home felt like FOREVER! Of course when we are about 30 miles from home we hit traffic, figures our luck :-(

We had a wonderful trip visiting with our family. I took lots of pictures of course! So this will be broken down into several posts.

We arrived in Wisconsin on Friday morning. When we arrived to the lake the first thing Payten wanted to do was to start a fire. It was mighty chilly so it was a must. She was completely awed at watching her Daddy do this. She was obsessed the whole trip with making fires.

Daddy and Payten getting ready to make a fire

Friday evening, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Dan, and Aunt Gaby arrived. We went to dinner for some fish fry. Payten was loving coloring with Aunt Gaby & Uncle Dan.

Saturday the boys went hunting ALL day. The girls enjoyed spending time with the kiddies at the house. We had a huge family dinner Saturday night. After the kids all went to bed, the adults played a fun question and answer game.

Gearing up for hunting!

Payten and her Godfather/Uncle Dan

Payten with Aunt Laura

Camryn having a little more fun before bedtime

November 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Last year on Thanksgiving
Happy Turkey Day!!

November 22, 2010

Greetings from....

Wisconsin! Chilly Wisconsin that is! Today we enjoyed a visit with the Wisconsin Santa. Although you can't tell from Camryn's face but they both really loved him. Payten asked if we can visit the Florida Santa when we return, LOL. We spent the day shopping away. We actually went to two malls. We were scooping out things for our Black Friday extravaganza!

When we return I will be sure to post lots of more pictures and will explain in more detail how out trip went. In the meantime here is the "Wisconsin" Santa :-)

November 21, 2010

Checking in. . .

Checking in from VERY chilly Wisconsin! We survived the 18 hour drive. We arrived Friday morning about 10am. The ride actually went considerably well. The girls did amazing. I am hoping the way home we'll be as lucky.
Since we have arrived we have been enjoying lots of family time. The girls are loving all the attention from their grandparents, uncles, and aunts. The hubby is enjoying some brotherly bonding hunting.
Tomorrow we are heading to see visit Santa. I apologize for the pictureless post but I promise the next one will not be. In the meantime, GO PACKERS! (I must root for them while I am here)

November 18, 2010

And off we go. . .

I'll be sure to post when we arrive... until then HAPPY THURSDAY!

November 17, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'M LOVING that I get to see my Wisconsin family in TWO days!!!

My wonderful in-laws

My amazing brother in laws (minus two) & hubby

My wonderful sister in law and brother in law (Payten's Godfather)

My wonderful hopefully (hint hint Dave) soon to be sister in law

My adorable niece Brianna

I'M LOVING that its the holiday season... my favorite time of the year!

I'M LOVING my new winter boots!

I'M LOVING that its almost BLACK FRIDAY!!!

I'M LOVING french vanilla cappuccinos on these cooler mornings!

I'M LOVING my beautiful daughters! They truly light up my life!

I'M LOVING my wonderful husband. For just being him and always being there for me.