November 29, 2010

Wisconsin Trip - Part 1

We're back! We arrived back home yesterday early afternoon. The drive home felt like FOREVER! Of course when we are about 30 miles from home we hit traffic, figures our luck :-(

We had a wonderful trip visiting with our family. I took lots of pictures of course! So this will be broken down into several posts.

We arrived in Wisconsin on Friday morning. When we arrived to the lake the first thing Payten wanted to do was to start a fire. It was mighty chilly so it was a must. She was completely awed at watching her Daddy do this. She was obsessed the whole trip with making fires.

Daddy and Payten getting ready to make a fire

Friday evening, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Dan, and Aunt Gaby arrived. We went to dinner for some fish fry. Payten was loving coloring with Aunt Gaby & Uncle Dan.

Saturday the boys went hunting ALL day. The girls enjoyed spending time with the kiddies at the house. We had a huge family dinner Saturday night. After the kids all went to bed, the adults played a fun question and answer game.

Gearing up for hunting!

Payten and her Godfather/Uncle Dan

Payten with Aunt Laura

Camryn having a little more fun before bedtime


LeeAnn said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good trip, but I'm glad you're back!! I love all of the pictures!