November 4, 2010

Trick or Treat

I have been a bad blogger AGAIN! I know I keep making promises about being better but lately its been CRAZY around here. Any time I have a free second I get side tracked with something else :-( The next couple of weeks are super busy since we are going out of town but I promise when we return I will be a better blogger!

Sunday night was Trick or Treat in our neighborhood. Payten was a bit small last year to really understand but this year she just loved it! She thought that every time someone gave her a piece of candy she had to eat it, LOL. Camryn enjoyed being pulled around in the wagon while enjoying her first lollipop :-) I know I am bad mom but it kept her quiet for quite some time :-)

My loves

My Little Ladybug
My Little Lion

Camryn even joining in on the fun with her daddy!

Payten is loving going door to door!

Camryn having her 1st lollipop!