January 24, 2011

Weight Loss Update - Week 3 & 4

It was a busy week last week and didn't get to post my weekly update. However I have been doing GREAT! Down another pound and 1/2, woot woot! I am have been doing good going to the gym 4 days a week and strength training between two and three times a week. I am usually an elliptical girl but have been switching it up with running on the treadmill. I have NEVER been a fan of running but actually lately, I am enjoying it. I average about 2.25 miles sometimes 2.50 miles. And I am loving it! This week is a new week and I am going to bump the running to 2.75 miles. Here's to hoping I get a little closer to my BIG goal this week!

New goals for this week:

1) Cardio 4 days this week (Running 2.75 miles)
2) Strength training 3 days this week (2 days arms/1 day legs)