January 11, 2011

Weight Loss Update - Week #2

So maybe setting little goals each week is the key to making weight loss successful! This week has been pretty good.... I am down a pound from last week. Pretty good for the first week. Although I know a pound doesn't seem like a lot but when your petite like me and your total goal is only 6 lbs, mine will be slow and steady and take lots of time.

My goals for last week:

#1 - Drink 32 oz of a water a day (Right now I average about 2oish) - COMPLETE
#2 - To track what I am eating on Fatsecret.com - COMPLETE
#3 - Exercise 3 times a week - COMPLETE

I actually managed to achieve all my goals for last week. I am shocked! So since the little goals are helping I will be doing them every week.

This week's goals:
#1 - Drink 50.7 oz (3 bottles of Aquafina) a day
#2 - Exercise 4 times this week
#3 - Strength training 2 times this week

Here's to another week of hoping losing another pound!


Karen At Home said...

What a great way to manage your weight!!! Congrats on the progress!

Calotren said...

Great goal: Your plan is very interesting for weight loss. Keep it.