January 11, 2011

Another one of those weeks....

It's only Tuesday and feels like it should be Friday!!!! I am so ready for the weekend already.

Payten had a little incident at school today with one of the girls in her class. The little girl hit her in the face with a chair :-( Her poor little face has a horrible red mark on it. I hope it heals soon. When I went to pick her up, she said "Mommy, ______ (child's name) hit me with a chair in my face, it hurt really bad, but she didn't mean it"... I wanted to bust out in tears. I saw she was so upset but was okay. Meanie kids, just kidding! Hoping our week gets better over here!


Anonymous said...

Poor little face! Those things happen though, I hate having to tell parents about stuff like that. At least it was an accident :-(