January 3, 2011

Birthday Plans. . .

In addition to the girls birthday party, I like to take them somewhere special on their actual birthday. I know it's still a month and a half away but I wanted to get a head start in planning this year instead of feeling so rushed about making decisions. Disney is offering Florida residents an awesome deal, 4 days for $119! How can you beat that? And from the pictures below you can see how much Payten just LOVES Disney!
She does love all the rides but I think meeting the characters is her ultimate favorite. Her facial expressions are priceless! We will make a family day of it and even Camryn will get to enjoy all the fun. I hope she loves the characters as much as Payten does.

Since we are going to Disney for a "special" occasion, I would love the girls to have cute personalized shirts to wear. So my search on Etsy has begun! There are so many different ones!!! So far this is the runner up..... it's too cute!

Hope everyone's first back to reality is going well! I am waiting for a phone call about my computer, I am hoping its not going to cost a fortune to fix..... Happy Monday!!!


Kara Wright said...

Wow! That's a great deal... I would do it!