July 22, 2013


Our weekend was just that, uneventful.  It rained pretty much all weekend and when it wasn't raining it was overcast. Totally ruined our plans for a few outside activities :-(.

Since I was stuck indoors why not organize a few closets.... I made it through several drawers in the kitchen, that literally everyone kept just putting stuff in.  Drives me nuts!  I even managed to tackle the girls never ending totes of clothes!  It took two days but its complete, woo hoo!
We ventured out Saturday night, even though it was down pouring but Payten begged us to go out to dinner. I was all about ordering in but she insisted on going somewhere.  So off to Red Robin we went, her pick too! Love that place!  It's sooo good!
I figured since we were stuck in the house I would make the best of my time. I worked on a few projects for Camryn's birthday party. Everything is turning out great so far, but my list is still a mile long. But I can't wait to see how everything turns out when its all put together!
We have been breaking out the games lately, the girls newest fav is Monopoly Jr.  Its really fun and easy for them to follow along.