July 26, 2013

Low key

Our week has been pretty low key.  Luckily our summer hasn't been too crazy.  I am definitely enjoying plan-less evenings.  Although starting next week that is about to end.  Booo!

Next week is Meet and Greet the coaches for Payten's cheer team.  She has been attending a few tumbling classes and attended cheer camp last week but next week starts the real deal.  Ekkk!  Practice will be two nights a week, then a Saturday game. So needless to say it'll be a little crazy.  Since we'll be spending many HOT nights at the field, Payten got a new personalized water bottle.  Isn't it adorable?!
The hubby has been doing some traveling for work so we had many girls nights.  The girls love when he goes out of town because that means they get to have a slumber party with mommy :-)
We received Payten's school supply list this week.  It's quite lengthy if you ask me but I guess its still cheaper then the weekly fee that I was paying for her other school, so I'll take the school list.  :-)  The girls and I made a Target trip to start to tackle this list.  We are about 75% done but hope to finish the rest this coming week.  Payten has been nervous about going to a new school but after doing a little shopping she seems really excited now.  I hope that vibe continues :-)
The girls are heading south this afternoon to enjoy the weekend at my parents.  We are hoping the weather stays clear of rain and thunderstorms so we can enjoy a few days at the beach!  Happy Friday!