July 18, 2013


This week seems like its dragging.  And it's definitely not because we aren't busy but for some reason it feels like the weekend is never going to come.  :-(.

Monday, Payten started cheer camp for the week.  She's having fun learning all the basics of cheerleading. She learned a few cute cheers.  I am looking forward to being able to watch her at practice.  Practice starts next month TWICE a week, ekkkk!  I sure hope its not too too hot.  Wishful thinking!
Camryn was back to school this week too after taking a 2 week break due to our vacation.  She was super excited about going back and seeing her friends.  She loves going everyday, thank goodness!!  Makes things way easier that she doesn't put up a fight in the mornings.  Well at least not about going to school just about what shoes she is going to wear... haha!
It's still rainy season here in Florida.  It literally rains and storms EVERYDAY!  Totally stinks!  I am really over it!  I am ready for clear skies ALL day and not just until 2p!  

Our weekend is pretty low key, LOVE!  Once school starts and fall arrives it starts to be CRAZY busy for us.  Happy Thursday!!  Almosttttttttt Friday!