July 13, 2013

Summer almost gone :-(

I still can't believe there is only a month left until the new school year starts! This summer is flying by!  I still can't believe Payten will be starting Kindergarten!  That is just pure craziness!  What happened to my itty bitty baby?!  Now she's a sassy little 5 1/2 year old, that always knows exactly what she wants!  Next week she will be attending Cheer camp.  It will be a good introduction for her to see what its all really about.  She did attend a few tumbling class but that is only a little part of what cheerleading is all about.

This year Payten doesn't have to wear uniforms but now Camryn will be wearing them.  I've been shopping around to find the best deals since they don't hold up well.  This year I am thinking of buying most from French Toast.  They are super reasonable and now they are offering FREE shipping on any purchase. Payten was my girl that would NEVER wear pants or shorts but luckily Camryn isn't as picky.  Thank goodness. So it makes things a little easier for me.  

Since Camryn didn't get a whole bunch of wear out of her backpack like Payten did, she will be using her same PBK backpack. Payten will be getting a new one with a matching lunchbox.  She picked the pattern :-)