June 28, 2011

Patrick Michael Hogan ~ 05.01.74 - 06.28.06

It feels like yesterday when Sean introduced me to his big brother Patrick. Sean's family lives in Wisconsin and we live in Florida so I thought meeting his family would be a little challenging and had no idea when I would meet any of them. Sean and I had been dating for several months, and he had come to pick me up from work (sometimes we car pooled), and to my surprise that day his brother Patrick was with him. He flew in for the weekend to spend time with his brother. From that moment I knew I would just click with him! Of course I was a little nervous meeting one of his family members for the first time but Patrick was so easy to talk to. After talking for just a short time I felt like I have known him forever.

I had no idea that just 3 years later that wonderful guy that I was proud to call my "brother" would be taken from us so soon. I remember June 28, 2006 more then any other day. It was around 6am (I was working from home), and the phone was ringing. . . it was my from in-laws house, really why were they calling us at 6am? I just knew the second I picked up the phone it wasn't good news. . It was my father in law, and from the tone of his voice, I got the chills and immediately I began to feel weak. He had explained what happened and I was trying to bring myself to tell my husband but the words just weren't coming out of my mouth. . . I handed him the phone and everything after that was a blur.

As the years have went by, and we have started our family, it breaks my heart everyday to know that my girls will never get to meet there amazing Uncle. We have a picture of Uncle Patrick in our living room and we tell the girls all about him and how much he loves them.

"Keep watching out for us like you always do. "Explore, enjoy, live... but always be true to yourself"- PMH. We love you BIG brother!!!