June 5, 2011

Fun Weekend!

We had another great weekend! Busy but lots of fun!

Saturday morning was Payten's last day class of the year. It is amazing how much they have all changed since August. I will post more about that tomorrow. Camryn has been under the weather so Payten and I took advantage of some one on one time, while Camryn had some one on one time with her Daddy. After dance Payten and I did a little shopping and headed over to Blizzard Beach for a few hours. It's so crazy how fast Payten can make friends somewhere. We weren't even there for two minutes and she already had a friend and building a sandcastle with her. It was super cute! Of course I forgot my camera in the car so I have minimal pictures from the day :-(

The beginning of our Payten & Mommy day!

Smiling because she had so much fun today!

I think she had fun... what do you think?

Saturday evening we celebrated our friends Marcus' birthday. We started the evening off with some bowling, great laughs! And after we were all bowled out, LOL, we met over at an Irish Pub. We have had several "adult" nights out lately and its been great. Sean and I have really needed these.

The birthday boy!

Today was our usual housework day. Getting everything together for yet another busy week! Thursday is Payten's last day of school, Friday is her dance rehearsal, and then Saturday is the BIG recital. So needless to say its a busy one!


Carrie with Children said...

Sounds like a great weekend (except for Camryn being sick!) Yay for mommy and Payten time...and super yay for date night!