June 2, 2011

It's almost Friday!

I love these short weeks! I mean its almost Friday already. Woo hoo! Although I have been a little off these few days, which is why my Wordless Wednesday post was a little late. Oops :-( I feel like I haven't wrote much lately except about our weekend fun.

I will apologize in advance but with the summer coming up I have a feeling I won't be blogging as much. We have lots of events going on and with my new business my evenings are pretty busy as well.

The school year is coming to end for Payten next week. Her last day is Thursday. Kind of bittersweet. She is going to miss her teachers tremendously. She loves them to death! But I am hoping it won't be too rough on her. Her one teacher has talked about meeting up at ChickFilA during the summer so she can see Payten. Can you tell Payten is a teachers pet? Haha. Not only is school ending but so is dance class as well. Payten's recital is next Saturday. She is extremely excited! It should be interesting to say the least. I'll be sure to upload a video!

Still no updates on the new house. Just sitting here waiting. Our first and SECOND closing date has come and gone so now we wait for our third, June 30th. But I am pretty sure it won't be then either :-( I just keep praying we hear something soon! Short Sales are everything except SHORT!

We were supposed to visit our family and friends in NJ this month but has been postponed it due to the house, but I am thinking if we don't hear something soon we'll plan for a July trip.

No big summer plans... just moving whenever that may be. We plan on spending lots of time at the beach and water parks, since the girls just love it! Any summer plans for you?

Happy Thursday!!!