May 11, 2012


It's bee one of those CRAZY weeks!  I felt like Friday would never get here!!

This is the first weekend in FOREVER that we don't have plans!  We are going to just go with the flow.... love it!  We'll do our usual Saturday morning routine, breakfast then dance class and maybe we'll hit up the water park or just hang home.  We'll see how everyone's mood is :-)  Sunday morning we do have brunch planned with our friends, so looking forward to it.  But other that I can't wait to just enjoy the weekend!

Teacher Appreciation week went great!  I wanted to plan something for everyday but the week just got by me but I did send the teachers in goodies for two out of the five days, not bad :-)  And they loved them!!!
The girls bathroom is finally coming along.  I am hoping it'll be completely finished by the end of the weekend.  Here is the latest picture of the cabinet.  Now it has new hardware!  Yay!  Happy Friday everyone!