May 24, 2012

What a week!!

Did you ever have one of those weeks that you want it to just start over?!  Well I am DEFINITELY having one of those!  I had high hopes that it would be a good week since I had such a great weekend celebrating my birthday.  But I wasn't that lucky :-(

Sunday night Payten had a fever, got pretty high at one point.  It was 103.2.  It was around 2am, the hubby and I had cold washcloths all over Payten to help bring her fever down.  She did finally go back to sleep after 45 minutes or so.  Of course she stayed home from school on Monday.  She had no other symptoms other then a fever, which to me is so weird!  Her fever disappeared on Monday and was fine all through the night and even on Tuesday morning.  She begged us to go to school and since was fever free I thought she would be okay.  She was okay until Tuesday night and he fever spiked again.  Ugh!  I had enough of this crazy fever thing, so we went to the doctor today.  They checked her for the flu and strep and both were negative.  He felt her glands and they are swollen and diagnosed her with a throat infection.   I am hoping the antibiotics kick this nasty thing away so we can enjoy our LONG weekend!

In the middle of all the sickies.  There is new construction in our area and the wonderful construction men cut the cable lines.  We had no cable/internet/phone for over 6 hours!  It makes working from home VERY hard!  

Today I am off to the dentist for some dental work.  Ahhh, my least favorite thing to do EVER!!  Wish me luck!

Now I am hoping all the sickies go away and stay away so we have a great weekend with friends!!!  Hope everyone's week is a little better then mine :-)


Anonymous said...

Chase got a fever for 3 days with no symptoms too! Until the rash came out and then we learned it was roseola! Hope she feels better!!

YUMMommy said...

Hope Payten gets well soon.