May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I am so lucky to be a Mommy to these two amazing little girls!!!   I can remember celebrating my 1st Mother's day like it was yesterday and this year I am celebrating my 5th!  So crazy!!   I truly never knew how hard of a job it is to be a mom but its the most rewarding and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Even on the worst of days I can just look at my girls and they make everything better. They are my little blessings and I love them with all my heart! Thank you Payten and Camryn for being my little angels, and for making me so proud to be your mom! Love you baby girls!

Happy Mother's Day to the two special Mom's in my life!  You both are AMAZING women and the best Mom's either Sean and I could ask for.  We are so lucky that we have you both in our life!  Happy Mother's Day! 

For all the times you gently picked me up,
When I fell down,
For all the times you tied my shoes
And tucked me into bed,
Or needed something
But put me first instead.
For everything we shared,
The dreams, the laughter,
And the tears,
I love you with a "Special Love"
That deepens every year. 
Oh and did I mention our Mom's are party girls? Haha just kidding but they sure do LOVE to have fun!