May 21, 2012

Our Weekend

It definitely was a busy one!  But FULL of fun!

Friday night it was our monthly Bunco Girls Night out!  Love having this every month.  Although this month we didn't actually play Bunco we just chit chatted.  But it was great having a girls night with no kiddies :-)

Saturday morning I took Payten to dance class and when we arrived home my parents were there.  They came for the weekend to watch the girls so the hubby and I could enjoy a night out together.  Payten had dance pictures at 3:30p.  So we got her all prettied up and headed over to the studio.  Just like last year I am not too happy with the photos so I will take Payten else where to get a good one.  But here is the one he did capture.   After pictures they had a quick dress rehearsal, it was soooo cute!!!

We met our friends Tiffany and Rob at the Melting Pot for a yummy dinner!  This is my favorite place!  Not so much the hubby's but he manages since I love it so much!  We pretty much closed the place down since we chatted and chatted :-)  After dinner with met up with some more friends to enjoy some drinks and dancing!  We had a great night out and realized we definitely need to do this more often!

Yesterday we enjoyed a relaxing day home, just hanging around!  We totally need to have more of these on the weekends, although I am not thinking it will be happening for a while.  We have some busy weekends ahead!


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