March 20, 2011

And it's up . . .

The "For Rent" sign is finally up! It's something the hubby and I have been talking about for months and we finally have followed through. This is a picture of it before it actually was put up but its now official. We have heard from three different people that are interested so we are in the process of showing them the house, and we'll go from there.

Right now we do not have another house to move to so we are trying to get working on that. Yesterday we did go out with a Realtor and looked at several houses and in different neighborhoods to get a feel of what we would like. So its a starting point. I am sure in the months to come we'll see a ton more houses and hopefully we'll be putting an offer on one soon! Stay tuned! Happy Sunday!!


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Kara Wright said...

I had no idea ya'll were moving! How fun! Enjoy your house hunting!

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