March 14, 2011

HELP! ! ! . . Need advice! !

I need kid advice and fast before I lose my mind!!!! Recently Payten started this thing were once we put her to bed she keeps getting out and coming into our room. And EVERY time we bring her back to her bed. But last night she was in our room at least three times an hour and I was about to lose it! I got absolutely no sleep because as soon as I would fall asleep she was right next to my bed. And not to mention she is getting no sleep as well which really concerns me! Any idea why she is doing this? I thought maybe bad dreams. . but every night?! Any tips, ideas, anything?! I am desperate!!! Has anyone else experienced this with their three year old?


Andrea said...

Angelica was doing this for awhile. I took her to the window, and said, "Look, the sun is down. That means that you need to sleep. When the sun comes up, then you can get back up." Then I tell her every night when I tuck her in that I will see her when the sun comes up. That seems to have helped! Good luck :)

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

I'm sorry, I let my little ones sleep in my bed, so I never had this problem. I hope you get some good advice. good luck.

Lena said...

We dealt with this with Maya when she was out of the crib but before she was in her new "big girl" bed. And yes, it's EXHAUSTING! And wears you and your patience down. Is Payten saying what is wrong when she comes to the room? I know some parents who have put a gate and their children's room so they can't get out. And we thought about it. I decided to bribe my child instead. Haha. First, it was "stay in your room all night and you will get ______ in the morning". Could have been a special treat @ breakast, could have been a trip to Target the next day. And then I also implemented stickers. Stay in your room until the morning and you get a sticker. It's amazing what kids will do for a sticker! Of course you could try "get 5 stickers and get a treat or present (even just from the dollar store). Just some thoughts. I feel your pain too b/c that was NOT a fun time!! Good luck!