March 22, 2011

Potty Training

After over 8 months of potty training we finally make the night time switch from pull-ups to undies. It was totally my fault but she would still wake up wet some mornings so that worried me. But finally the other night I said that's it, I need to get over my fear and just let her do it. And guess what..... she is doing awesome! It's been five nights and one accident, so not too bad. I know she will have an accident here and there but I am glad we, well actually just I, decided to make the big switch! All and all I have to say potty training wasn't too too bad but I am so not ready to do it again so it looks like Camryn will have to wait a bit longer.... but it sure is creeping up fast, she'll be 18 months in two weeks, yikes!


Crisc said...

Do you put a potty chair in her room at bed and nap time? It works =) Good Job with coming this far