March 7, 2011

Traveling Days. .

Before Sean and I had the girls we traveled a lot!!!! For a while we were traveling at least every two months. Whether it was somewhere tropical or jet setting out of state to visit family & friends we were always on the go, and to do something fun and to escape reality. And boy do I miss it!

I wouldn't trade my girls for the world but I miss traveling and being able to escape work and the normal everyday craziness. I know most people love when there kids are young but I am actually looking forward to the girls being a little older so we can go back to jet setting. Of course we can travel now with them but its a lot of work!!! It's not very enjoyable when you have to pack your entire house with you. LOL.

So in the meantime I will look back at the pictures and relive those moments.... :-)

Fun ships!

Amazing beaches!

Beautiful ports of call!

And one my favorite things. . . towel animals!


Jennifer said...

Mike and I were just talking about this the other night :) I am also looking forward to the days when we can travel more with the kids.

Victoria Rodriguez said...

I totally understand what you mean ...the closest thing to a vacation I get anymore is going to target. Going to my parents in nj is great but like you said its really hard since you have to pack so much and stop for potty breaks every two hours its just a headache so I also cant wait for the kids to get older so things are easier.