March 14, 2011

Busy busy weekend!

It was a busy weekend for us! Saturday morning Payten had dance class, the first one I have been to in a over a month, since we have been so busy on the weekends. After dance we headed over to Magic Kingdom. As soon as we got into the park there were a few characters standing there so of course Payten had to get her picture taken with them. Unfortunately we only made it through Daisy Duck's line before they went to break but Payten was happy to at least get a picture with her. We spent a few hours there, riding the rides and going to a few shows. This was the first time for Payten to see the Monsters Inc show, and she loved it! I think that is because she got to be on the screen and play along in the show. Her face was priceless, wish I could have gotten that on video.

After a few hours at Disney we went over to visit Dana, Doug, and baby Addison. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures but Addison is just adorable. She is in the NICU so I was unable to hold her but I was so happy to meet her. What a doll she is!!

We had such a busy day that we hung out for the rest of the evening. I tried to catch up on housework but I was way too tired so once the girls were in bed, the hubby and I relaxed on the couch!

Yesterday we took the girls to get their Easter pictures taken. I decided to try a new place since all of my friends have been raving about it. And they were right, it went great! We went to Portrait Innovations in the Winter Garden Village. The photographer got awesome shots of the girls. I was super impressed! I will post those pictures later this week....

Hope everyone had a great weekend!