August 16, 2012

Beach fun!

We needed a change of pace.  So we decided to head to Cocoa Beach on Saturday.  The girls LOVE the beach.  Its one place we can go and there won't be any bickering back and forth.  We got to hang out for a few hours and enjoy some fun in the sun.  It was much needed!!!
Lots going on in the Hogan household these days.  We are looking forward to the new school year starting on Monday!  Back packs are packed, clothes are picked out, and the girls are SUPER excited!!!  It will Payten's first day of VPK!  I still can't believe it! 

Dance will be starting up, as well as soccer.  It will be a very busy fall season for us!!  And of course the birthday parties are starting to fill our calendar for the rest of the year as well!

As you can tell I am in a blogging rut.  But I am sure it will pass, as it usually does.  In the meantime I am going to enjoy the last few days of summer with my girls! :-)


Kara Wright said...

We love Cocoa beach! I love their bathing suits:)