August 6, 2012

Birthday Planning continued...

Two months to day until Camryn's 3rd Birthday party!  I still can't believe it!  THREE... I mean how can she be turning 3?!  Wasn't it yesterday when I was freaking out on how I would juggle two kiddies under the age of 2?!  Its crazy how fast time flies when you have kids!

This picture collage pretty much sums up the ideas I have for Camryn's brithday party!  I promised myself I wouldn't go over the top.  But ya know how that goes!  I am amazed at myself that I have already ordered her invitations and started working on her birthday banner!  I am hoping to have everything finished at least two weeks prior that way I can actually enjoy everything but we'll see.  My plan for this week is to finish up her birthday banner.  So we'll see!  I also want to get started making her initial and frame it, like the one in the picture above :-)

Our weekend was pretty low key.  I still wasn't feeling 100% so we hung home.  Caught up on some house work and just vegged.  Felt great!  My parents came for a visit yesterday.  It was a nice day just hanging out!

Hope this week is better then last!  Happy Monday!


Kara Wright said...

I TOTALLY forgot they have the same birthday! LOL I just posted about planning Mariah's party then I saw this and remembered that. AWW so neat! You should see my spare bedroom, it's got so much party junk, it's fun but overwhelming. I was going to make those sucker balls but I'm only using 2 colors so I'm gonna put something else on them:)