August 3, 2012

Weekday Wrap Up

It's been another crazy week around here!  It seems like its been one thing after the next this week!  I was hoping since August started on Wednesday it would be a fresh new month, well boy was I wrong!

Monday started Camryn's 2nd week of potty training, and believe it or not she has done amazingly well!  She has had only ONE accident all week at school, I can't believe it!!!!   Woot woot, go Cami!

Tuesday night I started to feel under the weather. Feeling achy, my throat started to hurt, so I decided to go to bed early.  Well I didn't get much sleep that night.  I was up pretty much the whole night :-(.  Wednesday morning I was just feeling AWFUL!  I made a doctors appointment and sure enough I have a throat infection :-(.  I started some antibiotics and I am finally on the mend now, thank goodness!

Not only did I start feeling icky  Tuesday night, but our downstairs a/c unit went out.  Ehhh!  Not the best thing to happen when its 90+ degrees outside!  Luckily the a/c repairman came out on Wednesday and told us its a broken thermostat.  My hubby installed a new one and now we're good to go.  

I thought after our a/c issue that would be the end of our bad luck for a while since its been one thing after another.  But nope!  Unfortunately its not something I can discuss on here until its over but its not good thing.  Trying to think positive about it but with the luck we've had lately, how can I!  I can say one thing it involves my husband and his past employer.  I am praying for a good turn out.  Stay tuned, although I am sure it will be months until its all done.

I sure hope your week was better then mine!  TGIF!

Thank goodness for these cuties!!! 


Anonymous said...

I really hope everything works out for you and the hubby! Sending you positive thoughts :-)