June 13, 2010

Another weekend gone by.....

Is this weekend really over? Nah, it can't be. It feels like it just started :-( We did have a great weekend. Really fun one too!

It started off with an adult night out on Friday evening. We attended a "Vegas" night for Sean's work. It was a blast! And felt great to have "adult" conversations all night. It even made it better that we won$75 in gift cards. Woot woot! I wish I had some pictures of the two of us all dressed up but of course we were rushing out of the house and didn't get any :-( We rushed so much that we were three quarters on the way to our friends house that were watching the girls and realized that the diaper bag was still sitting on the dining room table at home, ugh! So we had to turn around and go back home to get it. :-)

Saturday morning we headed over to Blizzard Beach to keep cool in this crazy summer heat. Both girls had a blast and enjoyed splish splashing for hours. We had to pry Payten out of the toddler zone so that we could go home.

My sister was visiting for the weekend and offered to watch the girls for the evening, so we met our friends at the movies. Yes that is TWO adult nights in a row. We didn't even know what to do with ourselves. LOL. We saw the movie "The Killers", great movie! A must see for sure!

Today we had the girls pictures taken at Picture People for the 4th of July. After two attempts we got a few cute ones.

After pictures we met Rylie, Bryce, LeeAnn, & Brian at Monkey Joe's for some bounce house fun. The girls had a blast! We didn't even make it out of the parking lot before Payten and Camryn crashed.

Another great weekend... and we are already looking forward to next weekend :-)